Robeco launches biodiversity strategy

Firm has taken advice from WWF-NL

Robeco has added a biodiversity equity strategy to its impact range after a year and a half of planning.

RobecoSAM Biodiversity Equities is managed by David Thomas (pictured) and Aaron Re’em, who plan to invest in companies that use natural resources sustainably and technology that reduces biodiversity loss in four areas: land use, freshwater networks, marine systems and traceable products.

“The potential market for new biodiversity-friendly investments by 2030 is more than $10trn, according to the World Economic Forum,” Thomas said.

“Protecting biodiversity is therefore not just a means of saving nature, it is also one of the largest investment opportunities of our times.”

The firm’s active ownership team will engage with up to 25% of the holdings, and has sought advice from World Wide Fund for Nature Netherlands (WWF-NL) on biodiversity issues.

Aaron Vermeulen, green finance director at WWF-NL added: “We are losing nature at an unprecedented rate and we are already paying the price. The financial sector is vital in turning the tide. By integrating biodiversity into financial decision-making and redirecting capital flows, the financial industry has tremendous leverage. This can be used to build a nature-positive economy. RobecoSAM Biodiversity Equities can act as an example for financial mechanisms that look beyond climate to nature and biodiversity objectives, informed by conservation expertise.”