Redwheel engages UK companies for climate fund

Led by portfolio manager John Teahan

Redwheel has launched an Article 8 UK climate fund led by John Teahan.

The Redwheel UK Climate Engagement Fund is supported by the firm’s new sustainability research arm, Greenwheel, and will engage companies on aligning with the Paris Agreement in order to deliver real-world impact.

Teahan (pictured), said: Divestment and exclusion may decarbonise a portfolio, but not the real world. Active ownership is more powerful, where investors don’t just act as passive bystanders but communicate with companies to influence and support long-term success, create value, and accelerate a realistic carbon transition.”

He added that companies with a low emissions profile are valued increasingly at a premium to high emitting companies.

Stephanie Kelly, head of Greenwheel, said:Greenwheel will remain a critical partner for John and the team, providing independent challenge and oversight to ensure a high level of governance for the fund, while keeping the team aware of the best practice and best frameworks with which to assess companies.”