Quilter Cheviot partners with women’s network

Firm will offer financial wellbeing webinars with WealthiHer

Quilter Cheviot has partnered with the WealthiHer network to offer a series of webinars about women and finance.

WealthiHer is a City campaigning and lobbying group increase women’s voices in finance as well as improving financial education for women. The new webinar topics will include wealth management, the psychology of investing and the financial implications of divorce. Speakers will include Jo Fairley, co-founder of Green & Back’s Chocolate; Catherine Morgan, certified financial coach; Sara Davison, divorce coach; and Dr Dawn Harper, GP and media personality.

“With the webinar series and our new partnership with the WealthiHer Network, we hope to build on the work already underway in addressing the issues women typically face with their finances, and in particular with investing,” said Andrew McGlone, CEO of Quilter Cheviot.

Women face gendered investment, pay and pensions gaps. For example, 48% of women were invested in the stock market last year compared with 66% of men. If women invested at the same rate as men, there would be an extra $3.22trn of assets under management today, according to a recent study from BNY Investment Management. 

“It’s critical we listen to women’s needs and empower them as financial leaders in order to promote gender equality and boost financial confidence,” said Vanessa Eve (pictured), investment manager at Quilter Cheviot said.

WealthiHer co-founder Tamara Gillian said: “Working with top investment managers provides the Network with an opportunity to champion women’s financial empowerment and shape workplaces to work for everyone. We’re thrilled to be partnering with Quilter Cheviot and we look forward to breaking down the barriers in the industry together.”