Mediolanum launches nutrition-focused fund

Investing in companies instrumental to the transition to a more sustainable nutrition value chain

Mediolanum International Funds has launched an Article 9 fund investing in sustainable nutrition companies that will benefit from growth in this area in the next 10 to 30 years.

Mediolanum Best Brands Future Sustainable Nutrition is an actively managed multi-manager equity fund.

Its aim is to generate long-term capital growth investing in companies that will be instrumental to the transition to a more sustainable nutrition value chain.

This includes companies in food production, moving to transformation, and ending with distribution and consumption.

The fund seeks to become part of moves to address how the world’s growing population is impacting agriculture resources consumption and food production, a critical priority worldwide. 

It will invest in companies working on new ways to produce more, better and healthier food with lower environmental impact by leveraging on new innovative technologies allowing more efficient use of resources. 

These new technologies and ways of producing have been in experimentation for a number of years, but now they have become a successful reality attracting huge investments, which will continue in coming years creating new market leaders, according to Mediolanum.

The Mediolanum Best Brand Future Sustainable Nutrition Fund is managed by Senan O’Sullivan, an equity portfolio manager specialised in Article 8 and 9 funds.

The fund is managed with a multi-manager approach, and the first two managers, BlackRock and Pictet, were selected for their extensive track record in managing similar strategies with a strong ESG investment process, Mediolamum said.

Pictet will be investing in companies that produce high-quality food, deliver it efficiently and minimise wasting.

BlackRock will focus on companies active in decarbonising the food chain, also providing more sustainable and healthier eating choices.

Alongside the Article 9 fund Mediolanum has also launched two regular non-ESG funds, the Mediolanum Best Brands Global Equity Style Selection, and Mediolanum Best Brands India Opportunities.

Luca Matassino, chief business officer at Mediolanum International Funds, said: “We strongly believe that economic growth equates to growth of wealth and these three new launches expand further our product range providing access to different economies, sectors or investment themes offering great long-term opportunities for our clients.”