Last Word Media launches ESG Clarity Asia

Fund selectors in Asia have begun their ESG journey, with at least half of them considering ESG factors in fund selection.

Last Word Media, in association with Fund Selector Asia (FSA), has rolled out ESG Clarity in Asia., which has news, analysis and features around ESG, is intended for asset allocators, fund selectors and investors in the region who are interested in sustainable investments.

ESG Clarity first began in the UK when fund selectors in Europe were beginning to embrace responsible investing. Investors started to align their portfolios were values and beliefs, and the debate around whether ESG investing sacrificed returns dissipated.

Recently, demand for ESG investment solutions has exploded globally, and in response, asset managers have launched a range of sustainable products and have also begun integrating ESG factors into their investment processes.

Fund selectors in Asia have followed suit, according to a survey conducted by Last Word Research. Around 52% of those surveyed consider ESG factors when it comes to fund selection, while 43% said they were able to if a client requests for it. At least 44% of them said they have started to integrate ESG across their businesses and around half said they were in the process of integrating ESG across their portfolios.

“Fund selectors in Asia are at the beginning of their ESG journey, but what it is clear is that ESG investing is here to stay, it is the future,” Natalie Kenway, editor of ESG Clarity in the UK, said.

“We are delighted to launch ESG Clarity in Asia for fund selectors with globally-relevant analysis and news on responsible investments.”

Last Word Media would also like to thank its launch partners in Asia, including BNP Paribas Asset Management, BNY Mellon Investment Management and Natixis Investment Managers, for supporting the growth of the ESG Clarity brand in the region.

Besides Asia, ESG Clarity was also launched in the US earlier this year, in association with InvestmentNews.