Global ESG Summit: Themes to watch for sustainable investors

Third panel discusses ways to engage clients with ESG

Thematics are a great way of engaging clients with sustainable investing and finding solutions that match their values. But volatility, smaller universes and the potential for greenwashing when using the Sustainable Development Goals for investment present challenges.

The third panel at the Global ESG Summit Thematic investing for a sustainable future, moderated by ESG Clarity global deputy editor Natasha Turner, weighed up thematics, as well as debating the merits of areas such as nuclear and hydrogen.

The panellists were:

Felix Odey, portfolio manager, global resource equities, Schroders
Tim Crockford, senior fund manager, J O Hambro
Phoebe Stone, head of sustainable investing, LGT Wealth Management 
Susana Coutinho, research director, MainStreetPartners 

Watch the full panel above.

Watch the first panel, the second panel and keynote speaker videos here.

Look out for ESG Clarity’s July 2022 digital magazine on thematic investing published next week.