WWF: We need investors to be part of the nature crisis solution

At the Global ESG Summit Margaret Kuhlow explained how the investment industry can help reverse nature loss

Aspirations for the world to be nature positive by 2030 can be achieved with the help of financial managers and investors, Margaret Kuhlow, global finance practice leader at WWF International, said in her keynote speech at ESG Clarity’s recent Global ESG Summit.

Speaking to listeners across the world following a WWF mini-documentary being played, Kuhlow said “nature is investible” and she has been impressed by the “development of investment blueprints” in the space.

She said she is frequently struck by the “juxtaposition of the beautiful visuals we have in nature, and then how we have taken that world for granted”, but highlighted the areas in which people are putting strain on the world’s natural resources, such as agriculture, emphasising the need to act quickly to address the crisis.

The full video of her keynote remarks is above.