Which funds made the latest Responsible Ratings Index?

The latest Responsible Ratings Index shows funds from xx, xx and xx topping the list.

The Responsibility Ratings Index (RRI) is a one-stop overview of the top-rated ESG funds in Europe

More and more research houses and data providers have started to rate responsibly invested funds based on their ESG credentials, as well as their performance, volatility, resources and company sustainability agendas.

In partnership with Last Word Research, ESG Clarity has scoured the fund ratings from providers MorningstarSquare Mile Investment Consulting & Research, Refinitiv/Lipper and MSCI to come up with a table of funds that have scored the highest among all providers.

The RRI is rebalanced monthly to reflect changes to the individual ratings, but also to encompass the growing number of data providers that are beginning to award ESG funds with a score.

To view thefull methodology and commentary around this quarter’s RRI click here.