Which funds made November’s RRI?

This month’s Responsible Ratings Index

The Responsibility Ratings Index (RRI) is a one-stop overview of the top-rated ESG funds in Europe

More and more research houses and data providers have started to rate responsibly invested funds based on their ESG credentials, as well as their performance, volatility, resources and company sustainability agendas.

In partnership with Last Word Research, ESG Clarity has scoured the fund ratings from providers MorningstarSquare Mile Investment Consulting & Research, Refinitiv/Lipper and MSCI to come up with a table of 35 funds that have scored the highest among all providers.

The RRI is rebalanced monthly to reflect changes to the individual ratings, but also to encompass the growing number of data providers that are beginning to award ESG funds with a score.

To view the full methodology and commentary around this quarter’s RRI click here.

NameRRIGlobal categoryFund size (m)
DWS Invest Top Euroland FC5Europe Equity Large Cap389
TB Evenlode Income B Acc5UK Equity Large Cap3466
Uni-Global Equities Eurozone SA-EUR5Europe Equity Large Cap63
AXAWF Framlington Euro Opports F Cap EUR4.67Europe Equity Large Cap155
BMO Responsible Global Equity I Inc EUR4.67Global Equity Large Cap973
BNY Mellon UK Opportunities GBP Inc4.67UK Equity Large Cap270
Fidelity Global Equity Inc I-Acc-USD4.67Global Equity Large Cap172
Janus Henderson UK Responsible Inc I Inc4.67UK Equity Large Cap249
Newton Gr and Inc for Charities GBP Inc4.67Aggressive Allocation678
Allianz Euroland Equity Growth W EUR4.5Europe Equity Large Cap1875
Amundi Fds Polen Cptl Glbl Gr I2 USD C4.5Global Equity Large Cap12
AS SICAV I Eurp Eq Ex UK A Acc EUR4.5Europe Equity Large Cap125
AXAWF Fram Eurozone I Cap EUR4.5Europe Equity Large Cap990
AXAWF Fram Eurozone RI F Cap EUR4.5Europe Equity Large Cap203
AXAWF Optimal Income F Cap EUR pf4.5Flexible Allocation541
Baillie Gifford WW Pan-Euro B EUR Acc4.5Europe Equity Large Cap94
BL-Global 75 B EUR4.5Aggressive Allocation633
BMO European Growth & Income A Inc GBP4.5Europe Equity Large Cap31
BMO Responsible Sterling Corp Bd 2 Inc4.5Sterling Fixed Income204
BNY Mellon Global Balanced Expt 1 Acc4.5Aggressive Allocation522
EF Tellsons Endeavour A GBP Inc4.5Moderate Allocation46
Fidelity FAST Europe A-ACC-EUR4.5Europe Equity Large Cap1148
Fidelity FAST UK Y-ACC-GBP4.5UK Equity Large Cap22
Fidelity Global Dividend I-Acc-EUR4.5Global Equity Large Cap6727
GuardCap Global Equity I USD Acc4.5Global Equity Large Cap1578
Heptagon European Focus Eq CE EUR Acc4.5Europe Equity Large Cap47
Heriot Global B Acc4.5Global Equity Large Cap139
HSBC GIF Euroland Growth M1C4.5Europe Equity Large Cap300
HSBC GIF Global Eq Climate Change AD4.5Global Equity Large Cap57
Impax Global Equity Opportunities A4.5Global Equity Large Cap164
Janus Henderson Global Sust Eq E Inc GBP4.5Global Equity Large Cap1250
Janus Henderson Hrzn Glb Sus Eq HB2 EUR4.5Global Equity Large Cap437
Janus Henderson INTECH EurpCor A2 EUR4.5Europe Equity Large Cap99
Janus Henderson Japan Opps E Acc4.5Japan Equity31
JSS GlobalSar Balanced CHF P CHF dist4.5Moderate Allocation133
JSS GlobalSar Balanced EUR P EUR dist4.5Moderate Allocation57
Jupiter European Growth L EUR Acc4.5Europe Equity Large Cap1222
Jupiter Global Elgy Div I EUR Acc4.5Moderate Allocation18
Jupiter Global Managed Inc4.5Global Equity Large Cap327
Lazard Managed Balanced B Inc4.5Aggressive Allocation34


Natalie Kenway

Natalie is global head of ESG insight for ESG Clarity and has been an investment journalist for 16 years. She won Editor of the Year at the Aviva Investors Sustainability Media Awards 2021, and was Winner...