Robeco makes country sustainability rankings open access 

Now covering 150 of the world’s most significant countries

Robeco has made its country sustainability rankings available on the Sustainable Investing (SI) Open Access Initiative platform.

Launched last year, the platform opens up Robeco’s SI intellectual property to a group of academics and clients. 

The country sustainability rankings turn in-depth analysis across a range of ESG data, from climate change to income inequalities, corruption and innovation, into a single country ESG score.

They now cover 150 of the world’s most significant countries around the globe, including 23 developed and 127 emerging market and developing economies, all of which are included in the SI Open Access Initiative. 

Country scores are calculated, and rankings updated twice a year. Following each update, Robeco will publish the 20 top and bottom-ranked countries on its website.

Stakeholders already have free access to Robeco’s proprietary Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) scores, which measure a company’s contributions to the UN SDGs. 

Carola van Lamoen, head of sustainable investing, said: “Not only are we helping our clients make better informed sustainable Investing decisions, but by opening up our rankings to a broader audience, including academics, we also aim to develop new insights and contribute to improving quality and standards setting across the industry.”