Redwheel launches advisory sustainability arm

Greenwheel will help shape new products before launch

Redwheel, the specialist investment manager, has launched a sister arm to “challenge” its current processes for sustainability investing.

Greenwheel will advise, support and provide independent challenge to Redwheel’s investment teams.

It will produce research, sustainability strategy and client perspectives at each stage of the  product life cycle for the firm’s Enhanced Integration, Transition and Sustainable funds.

Tord Stallvik, CEO of Redwheel said: “Our investment teams operate with a high degree of autonomy and as such, their approach to sustainability considerations will differ accordingly. 

“Although ESG is already fully integrated across all teams, we wanted to provide further support and challenge as part  of creating industry-leading sustainable solutions that meet the demands of our clients. Greenwheel helps us do this.” 

Redwheel investment teams will commission research from Greenwheel throughout the product lifecycle to complement their own analysis and to inform engagement with investee companies.  

Before the launch of a new product, Greenwheel will also assist the team in shaping the proposition, including advising on frameworks that will support the delivery of the fund’s objectives. 

This engagement, support and challenge will continue once products have been launched.  

Stephanie Kelly, who joined Redwheel from abrdn last year, will become head of Greenwheel.