Premier launches ESG-focused discretionary service

The new service provides clients exposure through a range of collective investment funds.

Investment and pensions group Premier has launched a new ESG-focused discretionary investment management service for its wealth clients.

Customers of Premier Wealth Planning now have access to an actively managed bespoke portfolio where clients can make portfolio preferences based on a series of ESG factors.

In an announcement explaining the new service, Premier said it provides exposure through a range of collective investment funds on which it has conducted “extensive research” to determine the ESG credentials of the fund manager, the fund’s proposition and objectives.

“Investing responsibly is integral to the values and culture within Premier,” said Robert Hird, head of investment strategy at Premier Wealth Planning.

“When we make investment decisions for our clients we expect to see fund managers undertaking thorough due diligence and engaging in active dialogue with any company they are considering investing in, while also maintaining regular reviews to ensure ongoing adherence to ESG philosophies.”

Through the new Responsible Future portfolio, returns are identified in companies which embrace ESG philosophies, are focussed on reducing climate change risks associated with their business and employ a broad and diverse executive board structure.

The portfolio also has exposure to companies which can demonstrate a positive strategy on human rights and labour conditions.

“We expect responsible investing to develop beyond being a specific category of investment, with the philosophy instead becoming accepted as the standard benchmark for all investing,” Hird added.

“Investors are now not just looking to maximise returns, but are also to have a positive impact on the environment and wider social issues.

“Overlooking the factors influencing ESG considerations will have a potential negative impact on investment returns in a changing world, so we are excited about the qualities and standards the Premier Responsible Future portfolio brings to the investment space.”

More information on the new service is available here.