Mediolanum International Funds launch ESG funds

Multi-asset and energy transition funds to be run by Schroders, KBIGI and Pictet

Mediolanum International Funds has launched two ESG funds run by Schroders, KBIGI and Pictet.

Mediolanum Best Brands Multi-Asset ESG Selection is a multi-asset solution run by Schroders. It will be managed by senior multi-asset portfolio manager Joseph Murphy.

The Mediolanum Best Brands Energy Transition is a thematic global equity fund that invests in companies operating in the energy sector, companies that are instrumental to, and will benefit from, the transition to a more sustainable economy. The fund will be initially delegated to Schroders, KBIGI and Pictet, and be managed by equity portfolio manager David Whitehead.

CIO Christophe Jaubert said: “Retail investors across Europe are looking for solutions that enable them to harness new great investment opportunities while contributing to build a more sustainable world, both financially and environmentally.

“As this longer-term societal and economical shift continues, the opportunities across all sectors and asset classes will be growing.”