Man Group launches climate multi-asset fund

Driven by climate considerations rather than performance

Man AHL, part of Man Group, has launched a risk-managed multi-asset climate fund investing in securities aligned with the transition to a low-carbon economy.

Man AHL TargetClimate is the group’s first systematic Article 9 fund, investing in best-in-class securities across asset classes, and the firm says it is driven by climate considerations primarily, rather than performance.

“The ongoing debate about whether ESG leads to better returns doesn’t enter into the equation,” said Matthew Sargaison, CEO at Man AHL.

“We can focus all of our efforts on allocating to the securities that are most aligned with climate change mitigation within our investable universe while still offering an attractive risk/return profile based on our tried and tested portfolio construction and risk management techniques.”

The fund is measured against a Paris-aligned benchmark that is targeting a decarbonisation of around 7% per year.