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Man GLG unveils water equity fund

G RI Sustainable Water and Circular Economy will target water themes

Man GLG has launched a circular economy equity fund targeting water-related Sustainable Development Goals.

Man GLG RI Sustainable Water and Circular Economy will invest in companies that address the fight against water scarcity, improve the supply and treatment of high-quality water or address the challenges of the circular economy, such as pollution control and resource management. Co-manager Yohann Terry said: “The preservation of water and natural capital is one of the defining challenges of our time.”

The fund is categorised as an Article 9 fund under the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation, and is Man GLG’s first Article 9 fund as well as Man Group’s first public market equities Article 9 fund. CEO Teun Johnston called this a “milestone moment” for the firm. It is benchmarked against the MSCI World Index.

It will be co-managed by Terry and Jann Breitenmoser, who joined Man GLG as portfolio managers in November and December 2021 respectively, and are based in Pfäffikon, Switzerland. They previously managed sustainability-focussed investment strategies at J Safra Sarasin Asset Management.