Listen to academics on ESG

Professor Kevin Haines says the finance industry must collaborate with academics when it comes to ESG

Academics in universities across the globe are doing practical, real-world research often with fairly immediate implications for reducing harm or doing good. The problem is the voices of academics are not being heard and their research is not seeing the light of day: particularly in the context of the complexity of the debates surrounding ESG.

You can accuse me of being biased, if you like. I have spent more years of my life in a university than I have spent out of one, so I tend to put a high value on research and the academic pursuit of knowledge. I will defend, with all my might, the right of academics to pursue – and receive funding for – theoretical or ‘blue sky’ projects.

Research is a worthy and rewarding career. It drives innovation in so many fields, it uncovers how we can do less harm to each other and the environment, and it shows us how we can improve the world in which we live. Research gives us new tools with which to understand the natural, physical and social world – as well as the commercial worlds of business and finance.

To read the full comment, please view the ESG Clarity November issue of the digital magazine.


Natasha Turner

Natasha is global editor at ESG Clarity, part of Mark Allen Financial, and has been a financial journalist for seven years. She has been shortlisted for Story of the Year and Investment Journalist of the...