Climate change author talks being a good ancestor

Kimberly Nicholas discusses the role financial advisers can play in taking responsibility for carbon output

Often referred to as a distant problem, one that can be solved at a later date with an incredible, yet-to be-invented technology, climate change is here, we caused it, and it’s bad, says Kimberly Nicholas, author of Under the Sky We Make.

In this episode of the Impact Adventures podcast she breaks down the overwhelming scientific consensus on human-caused climate change and discusses the extreme urgency of the situation.

She goes into detail about the surprising power of individuals to affect change and the need for the global wealthy (hint, that’s not just billionaires they’re talking about) to take responsibility for their carbon output right away. What role do financial advisers play in all this? A lot, it turns out.  

Nicholas is a sustainability scientist at Lund University in Sweden. She has published more than 55 articles on climate and sustainability in leading peer-reviewed journals; writes for publications such as Elle, The Guardian, Scientific American and New Scientist.