JPM adds three active ETFs with ESG themes

The firm's other active sustainable ETF, Climate Change Solutions, launched in 2021

JP Morgan Asset Management brought three new ESG-themed ETFs to the market, the company announced late last week.

The new products, the JPMorgan Social Advancement, Sustainable Consumption and Sustainable Infrastructure ETFs, bring the company’s line of active sustainable thematic ETFs to at least four. The other ETF, the JPMorgan Climate Change Solutions ETF, launched in December.

“We are seeing strong demand from clients for active sustainable investing solutions that give them access to specific companies and sectors that are driving major global trends,” JP Morgan Asset Management CEO George Gatch said in the company’s announcement.

The Sustainable Consumption ETF invests in companies that stand to benefit from trends in natural resource preservation and waste reduction, the firm stated. That spans from material usage, production and design, to food and water. The ETF is managed by Sandeep Bhargava, Aijaz Hussain and Polina Diyachkina.

The Social Advancement ETF is intended to hold companies that stand to benefit from “economic empowerment of people across all levels of society and help people and communities survive and thrive,” the firm said. That includes holdings related to essential products, housing, health, education and financing. Raj Tanna, Jennifer Rabowsky and Bilquis Ahmed are managers of the fund.

The Sustainable Infrastructure ETF has holdings that address electricity, renewables, water, medical, social housing, education infrastructure and other areas, with infrastructure encompassing buildings, roads, bridges and other types, according to the firm. Sara Bellenda, Victor Li and Fred Barasi manage the ETF.

The firm’s Climate Change Solutions ETF represented about $21m in assets as of the end of July and had returned -20% at net asset value year-to-date, according to figures from the company’s site.