iShares files for Environmental Infrastructure and Industrials ETF

Portfolio companies 'support energy efficiency and emissions mitigation'

BlackRock’s iShares intends to launch a new ETF that invests in companies that support energy efficiency and emissions mitigation.

The firm filed an initial registration statement August 10 with the Securities and Exchange Commission for the iShares Environmental Infrastructure and Industrials ETF, which could begin trading as soon as late October.

The ETF would seek to track results of the FTSE Green Revenues Select Infrastructure and Industrials Index, which includes domestic and international securities ranging from small to large cap, according to the initial prospectus. The companies in the portfolio would be those that “provide infrastructure and industrials solutions aiming to support energy efficiency and emissions mitigation, pollution reduction or land and resource optimization,” the prospectus states.

That can include energy efficiency products for buildings, smart grid components, low- or no-emission freight designs, carbon capture, clean-water services, pollution reduction and recycling, among other categories.

The index excludes tobacco, controversial weapons, civilian firearms and coal, generally, as well as companies that appear to violate United Nationals Global Compact principles.

BlackRock’s Jennifer Hsui, Greg Savage, Paul Whitehead and Amy Whitelaw would be the portfolio managers on the Environmental Infrastructure and Industrials ETF.