Invesco launches sustainable global income fund

Invests in corporate bonds, government bonds and global equities

Invesco has launched a fund investing in bonds and equities that support the transition to a low carbon economy over the medium term.

The Invesco Sustainable Global Income Fund is for income and capital growth and invests in corporate bonds, government bonds and global equities.

Portfolio construction is based on identifying key trends in the global economy, along with research into individual companies where credit and equity analysts will gauge a company’s financial and environmental profile. It targets a steady income stream through its bond allocation, which, Invesco stated, should also assist in limiting any market volatility, at the same time providing shareholder value through its equity allocation. 

The Invesco Sustainable Global Income fund is SFDR-classified as an Article 9 fund. It will apply a number of sector exclusions, excluding companies that take a certain amount of their revenue from non-sustainable sources. 

The fund is managed by Alexandra Ivanova and Edward Craven in the fixed interest team, and Stephen Anness and Andrew Hall (pictured) in global equities. Portfolio decisions are made by the investment teams, which is supported by 22 ESG specialists in the global ESG team, led by Cathrine de Coninck-Lopez.

Ivanova said: “This fund is not a green bond fund or a low carbon fund. It is a fund that invests in companies that use very active stock picking and securities selection. 

“We are seeking to finance companies that can make a difference, utilising our in-depth macro and credit research to identify companies with strong climate attributes relative to their peers.”

The fund is available to retail and institutional investors across a number of European regions and now in the UK.