‘I reset my career clock’

Invesco's Anna Paglia says overcoming gender, diversity and inclusion challenges is not just down to individuals – organisations must also play their part

I am a woman, a mother of two boys and I have a thick accent. Based on old-fashioned standards, I have three strikes against me. Yet I am the global head of Invesco’s ETFs and indexed strategies.

My success underscores what I love about financial markets: they don’t care about gender, race or ethnicity. Eventually, even with three strikes against you, talent will prevail over stereotypes.

But that achievement still comes at a cost. You will have to work hard and make sacrifices. I followed my heart to Chicago, knowing that moving to a new country meant resetting the clock on my career trajectory. I took one for the team.

Read the full comment in the March issue of ESG Clarity’s digital magazine.


Natasha Turner

Natasha was global editor at ESG Clarity, part of Mark Allen Financial, and a financial journalist for seven years. She has been shortlisted for Story of the Year and Investment Journalist of the Year...