Global warming tops UK investors’ environmental concerns

Energy comparison site analyses Schroders' report data on investor ESG habits

Global warming and climate change are the issues most concerning British investors, a new survey has found.

Energy comparison site SaveonEnergy asked 538 UK sustainable investors the environmental issues they think businesses must pay most attention to in 2021. Topping the list at 61% was global warming and climate change, followed by plastic pollution at 54% and air pollution at 49%.

British sustainable investors’ 2021 priorities

RankEnvironmental issuePercentage (%)
1Global warming/climate change
2Plastic pollution54
3Air pollution49
4Biodiversity loss46
5Food waste38
7Water pollution27
Source: SaveOnEnergy

SaveOnEnergy also analysed the latest report by Schroders, Global Investor Study: The rise of the sustainable investor, on sustainable investors to establish whether investors in 31 countries across the world would, or would not, invest against their own personal beliefs to achieve higher returns.

In Italy and Portugal, 82% said they would not invest against their personal beliefs. At the other end of the scale, in the US and Singapore 67% said the same. The UK ranked joint fifth with Poland, Chile and France, with 78% of investors saying they would not invest against their personal beliefs.


Natasha Turner

Natasha was global editor at ESG Clarity, part of Mark Allen Financial, and a financial journalist for seven years. She has been shortlisted for Story of the Year and Investment Journalist of the Year...