Give us proof, say impact investors

Research conducted among 2,000 British adults found a growing demand for fund firms to prove their claims on impact investments

More than half of investors now want to see proof of a fund manager’s impact investment credentials, to back up claims they are investing in a socially responsible manner.

That’s the conclusion from an Axa Investment Managers’ survey which found that 52% of consumers would now seek hard evidence of a manager’s impact investment strategies, with 38% of consumers keen to see certification from an independently-verified party.

“Impact awareness is growing, and it is very encouraging to see that the investors of tomorrow are so focused on acting responsibly,” said Matt Christensen, head of Responsible Investment at AXA Investment Managers.

“Our research has found that responsible investing is moving away from the niche and into the mainstream, even among younger generations. We also found that investors have a growing appetite to see the tangible results of their investments, that their money is making a difference.”

The report, which was based on an interview with 2,001 adults and the top 80% of earners across the UK was conducted in June 2018 by research group GFK.

When respondents were asked about their future investment interests, green technology came out as the top area of interest, with 48% of those polled saying it was an area in which they would invest.

More than a third (37%) said they would invest in sustainable consumption while 31% said climate change was an area which interested them.

“At AXA IM, we are continuing to develop an impact investing strategy range which goes beyond ESG-risk monitoring to encompass positive contributions to the needs addressed by the United Nations SDGs: ending poverty, protecting the planet and prosperity for all,” Christensen added.

“AXA IM has created an innovative investment framework that balances the double objective of creating positive social impact and financial returns.”