GIB unveils corporate culture European equities fund

Managed by Matthew Kates

GIB Asset Management has launched an Article 8 European equities fund focused on corporate culture.

The GIB AM European Focus Fund is part of the Amundi UCITS Fund Partners ICAV, an Irish-domiciled UCITS collective investment scheme, and will be managed by Matthew Kates (pictured), supported by head of equities Neil Brown and the wider global equities investment team. 

Katherine Garrett-Cox, CEO, said: “There should be an emphasis on assessing a company’s character, with specific focus on how they engage, motivate and develop their workforce as well as their attitudes towards customers and wider stakeholders.”

She added the fund looks for companies that “act and behave in the right manner, set high standards and strive to exceed them”.

The Fund will be available for institutional investors in Ireland and the UK.