ESG-reporting startup gets $7m in seed funding

ESGgo will monitor and eventually help improve companies' disclosures

A new Israeli tech startup wants to help companies improve their sustainability profiles, offering to analyze and monitor their ESG reporting.

The business, ESGgo, launched Monday with $7m in seed funding from Glilot Capital and contributions from “prominent Silicon Valley angel investors,” the firm said in an announcement. ESGgo has operations in both the U.S. and Israel.

At the outset, it “aims to support companies to measure and analyze their ESG efforts, serving as a central repository for ESG data points from across an organization, unifying the disparate systems and manual workflows through automated data capture, monitoring, gap analysis and benchmarking,” the company stated. “As product features and adoption grow, ESGgo users will gain access to AI-driven insights and tailored recommendations for enhancing their ESG rankings.”

The firm is led by CEO Orly Glick, who most recently was a partner at Israeli firm Vintage Investment Partners, and by U.S.-based chief technology officer Ido Green, who had been a senior software engineering leader at Facebook, the company stated. ESGgo has about 10 employees in California and Israel, according to a story this week in TechCrunch.

The seed funding will be used to recruit staff, “starting with an Israel-based engineering team.”

“Orly has an incredible track record and brilliant vision for using technology to improve ESG reporting,” Glilot Capital managing partner Kobi Samboursky said in the announcement. “Helping companies improve their ESG posture is more important than ever.”