ESG statement

Fidelity’s sustainable investing approach

At Fidelity, we understand that every investment decision has consequences for society.  

That is why we take an active approach to sustainable investing, seeking to steer companies towards decisions that will positively impact the greater good.  

With Fidelity, you are helping to build a better financial future, for generations to come.  

Our approach is built on three pillars and aims to enhance long-term investment returns while managing risk for our clients. 

We believe that assessing sustainability is part of fundamental investing, and by integrating it into our investment processes,
combined with proprietary ESG ratings, input from our specialist ESG team, and external analysis and ratings, we are better informed of a company’s ESG performance, and the potential risks and opportunities this poses for investors.


We believe engagement is the key to improving corporate behaviour and performance over the long term. Our  engagements seek to add value by demanding positive progress – and exercising our rights of ownership on issues such as diversity, climate change risks, shareholder rights, modern slavery and supply chain management. Where necessary, we also use proxy voting and shareholder resolutions to improve corporate practices.


Investing for positive change requires collaboration across the public and private sectors. Fidelity’s dedicated Sustainable Investing Team works closely with policymakers, industry groups, and non-governmental organisations worldwide to improve the ways that industries are regulated and companies are managed, while promoting sustainable investing and social development.


Engagement and voting records in 2021 at a glance


Our net zero commitment 

We are committed to capping global emissions and limiting global warming to well-below two degrees Celsius — goals set out by the Paris Agreement. To achieve these, we are: