ESG statement

Allianz Global Investors

At AllianzGI, we engage in an on-going, forward thinking dialogue with every client. Alongside an active approach to investment and active engagement with our clients, we are active stewards of the assets we own.

Acting upon our fiduciary role as a responsible asset manager we aim to incorporate Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) criteria throughout our entire investment value chain. Given the diversity of investors’ objectives and requirements we provide tailored ESG and SRI processes with a broad range of approaches, adaptable to different levels of ESG incorporation and client preferences, enhancing our clients’ investment decisions whilst helping create benefits for society as a whole.

AllianzGI has been a signatory to the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (UN PRI) since 2007.


Funds to watch

Name ISIN Domicile Description
Allianz Climate Transition LU1917776467 Lux

Allianz Climate Transition invests in European companies engaged in the transition to a “low carbon” economy.

Allianz Global Sustainability LU0158827195 Lux

Allianz Global Sustainability is an actively managed, high conviction portfolio which uses ESG criteria to generate long-term returns and positive societal impact.

Allianz Europe Equity SRI LU0542502157 Lux

Allianz Europe Equity SRI is a high-conviction SRI equity fund that seeks to invest in European companies with sustainable and responsible business practices.

Allianz Euro Credit SRI LU1149865930 Lux

Allianz Euro Credit SRI is a Euro Investment Grade mutual fund investing in corporate bonds. The investment policy is geared toward companies that satisfy a sustainable and responsible investment approach.

Allianz Green Bond LU1542252181 Lux

Allianz Green Bond provides a unique opportunity to gain global exposure in green bonds. The quality of selected Green Bonds is assessed through a strict process combining an analysis of the Green and financial features of the bond.