ESG podcast Impact Adventures launched April 23

Hosts Liz Skinner and Stephen Lamb preview their brand-new series Impact Adventures. Meant for investors of all types and financial advisers, Impact Adventures will educate through amazing stories of entrepreneurs and businesses working to change the world.

InvestmentNews’ ESG Clarity US is expanding its multimedia lineup to include podcasts with the launch of Impact Adventures. Beginning this Friday, every week a new 25 to 35-minute podcast will drop that focuses on socially responsible investing.

This first season seeks to create a foundation for listeners — from financial advisers to investors — by focusing on the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Impact Adventures season one will tackle one goal a week through stories of businesses and entrepreneurs working towards that goal. The April 23 kickoff episode will describe how the SDGs came to be and how they can be used to discuss and evaluate ESG investing priorities.