Crisis Talks with XR: Staggering the end of new fossil fuel finance will distort the market

In the latest video in this ESG Clarity series, climate activists and a responsible investment expert discuss how fast investment in new fossil fuels should come to an end

Activist environmental group Extinction Rebellion (XR) has demanded an end to new fossil fuel financing and in this video they discuss some of the practicalities with John Ditchfield – director and owner of Impact Lens.

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Speaking ahead of the key mention of ‘coal’ in the COP26 final agreement, the panel looks at the role of fossil fuel on economic development in emerging markets and what the cost of a transition out of fossil fuel financing would be.  

Ex-investment banker and founder of COP26 Climate Action Plan, Chidi Oti-Obihara tells panellists the finance industry is making irrational decisions and an uncoordinated approach to phasing out fossil fuels will distort the market.

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