Global Returns Project partners with UK wealth firm on climate portfolio

Leading Edge will now be able to offer GRP’s portfolio of climate philanthropy investments

The Global Returns Project (GRP), a UK charity connecting investors with climate philanthropy, has announced a partnership to offer its investments via wealth manager Leading Edge.

Leading Edge, based in Manchester, UK, will now be able to offer GRP’s portfolio of climate philanthropy investments to clients, to complement their existing portfolios.

GRP’s Global Returns Portfolio applies a fund management approach to climate philanthropy by emphasising diversification, rigorous research and regular performance reporting.

The portfolio invests in a selection of “diverse, effective and scalable” not-for-profit organisations tackling climate change.

Selection of the portfolio’s constituents is overseen by GRP’s technical advisory board, a panel of climate scientists who assess and review not-for-profits on a regular basis.

Clients of participating financial institutions donate a small proportion (0.25%, for example) of savings and investments to the portfolio annually.

The investments are designed to directly help regenerate the planet beyond sustainable investing alone.

Leading Edge was founded by industry veteran Anthony Bruchez alongside Colin Murdock, former international football player and sports lawyer.

Anthony Bruchez, director at Leading Edge, said: “The opportunity to partner with GRP will not only equip our clients with all the resources necessary to enhance their knowledge and understanding of sustainability, but also help them think beyond ESG with a simple complement to their asset allocation strategy.

“GRP makes it easy to embed a donation to the Global Returns Portfolio of climate not-for-profits into any financial strategy, which aligns very well with our approach to presenting clients accessible and innovative solutions to stay ahead of the ESG curve.”

Jack Chellman, chief project officer at the Global Returns Project, said: “People increasingly understand the importance of tackling climate change. It is well documented that the Climate Crisis will affect everything, including our investments. GRP helps financial planners respond to their clients’ concerns about climate change.”

The Global Returns Project had raised more than £250,000 for portfolio constituents as of end in March 2022.