B Corp and inclusion go hand in hand

We want our culture to reflect our values

Currently, only 23% of B Corporations in the UK are owned or led by women. The world of business remains male dominated, while the gender pay gap and disparity of opportunities remains. The challenges are only exaggerated for people of colour, the LBGTQ+ community, the disabled and neurodivergent.

That’s nothing you don’t know already, but an interesting unfolding is the representation of women in sustainability, which tells a different story. Studies have shown that women in senior sustainability roles have increased by more than 50% in 2021 from 2019.

This representation is both powerful and necessary: those 23% of women leaders or owners in the UK who are acting as change-makers shows us what is possible and it’s well documented that we need increased female leadership to tackle the climate change and other global crises.

The World Economic Forum states: “Female leadership differs from male leadership in core competencies – making women better equipped to deal with certain challenges.” It’s becoming evident that women leadership traits are proving to be more effective, which is why we need to make sure they are being heard.

Read the full comment in ESG Clarity’s March 2023 digital magazine.