Axa IM launches ‘clean economy’ fund

The fund is the latest addition to the asset manager's impact range

Axa Investment Managers has announced the launch of a clean economy fund which aims to generate returns by investing in clean technologies.

The Axa World Funds Framlington Clean Economy Fund will be managed by Amanda O’Toole and invest in companies that fall within four categories: sustainable transport, smart energy, responsible nutrition and recycling and waste reduction.

“There is greater urgency than ever before to manage carbon emissions and limit global warming,” said O’Toole.

“Every day the planet’s finite natural resources are further stretched: 200,000 more people populate the earth every day. In today’s interconnected society people are increasingly aware of these issues and are lobbying for change.”

The fund will look to invest in companies whose activities benefit from “long-term, secular growth themes,” the company said. Investments will be linked to thematic trends such as electric vehicle adoption, greener homes, digitalised electricity, energy storage, precision farming, and involved in waste and pollution reduction.

“We’ve recognised these changes and the opportunities they represent for the companies whose activities facilitate the transition to a more sustainable economy,” O’Toole added.

“Using an unconstrained, multi-cap strategy, the Clean Economy fund invests in publicly-listed companies that have high growth potential as they support the world’s renewable energy transition and the drive towards resource optimisation, as well as waste and pollution reduction.”

The fund will sit within Axa Investment Managers’ wider impact fund range and will be available to professional and retail investors in 13 European countries, including the UK. In Portugal, only retail investors will have access to the fund.