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Amundi moves climate ETFs to track Paris-aligned index

Nine ETFs will now track the MSCI SRI Filtered PAB indices

Amundi’s climate-conscious ETF range will now track a Paris-aligned index, the MSCI SRI Filtered PAB indices.

Having previously tracked the SRI ex Fossil Fuel indices, the nine ETFs will make the move to line up with the EU’s criteria for Paris-aligned climate indices to support net zero by 2050. The new indices replicated by these Amundi ETFs follow a trajectory of a 7% absolute carbon emissions reduction on an annual basis and integrate an immediate reduction of 50% of the carbon intensity compared with the investable universe.

In addition, the indices tracked by four other Amundi ETFs have also been changed to integrate climate criteria. These ETFs now track MSCI ESG Broad CTB Select indices, which were built in line with the objectives of the EU’s Climate Transition Benchmark (CTB) indices.

Arnaud Llinas, head of ETF, indexing and smart beta at Amundi, said: “With this latest evolution within the range, Amundi ETF reaffirms its strategic commitment to facilitating investors’ ESG and climate transition”.