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abrdn rebrands 13 funds as sustainable

A further 11 funds will now 'promote ESG'

abrdn has updated and rebranded 24 of its equity and fixed income funds to better promote ESG and be classified as sustainable funds.

Nine equity funds and two fixed income funds will now be seen to promote ESG, incorporating ESG targets, using negative screens and removing ESG laggards from the funds typically at around 10% of the benchmark.

A further 13 funds have rebranded as sustainable and will additionally incorporate positive screens and typically exclude around 20% of the benchmark. The funds being rebranded as sustainable are:


  • All China Sustainable Equity (previously All China Equity)
  • China A Share Sustainable Equity (previously China A Share)
  • Japanese Sustainable Equity (previously Japanese Equity)
  • Japanese Smaller Companies Sustainable Equity (previously Japanese Smaller Companies)
  • Emerging Markets Sustainable Equity (previously Emerging Markets SRI Equity)
  • European Sustainable Equity (previously European Sustainable & Responsible Equity)
  • European (ex-UK) Sustainable Equity (previously European (ex-UK) Sustainable & Responsible Equity)
  • Global Sustainable Equity (previously Global Sustainable & Responsible Equity)
  • UK Sustainable Equity (previously UK Equity)

Fixed income

  • Global Corporate Sustainable Bond (previously Global Corporate Bond SRI)
  • Euro Corporate Sustainable Bond (previously Euro Corporate Bond SRI)
  • Asian Credit Sustainable Bond (previously Asian Credit Bond)
  • US Dollar Credit Sustainable Bond (previously US Dollar Credit)