A Sustainable Christmas with Eilidh Duncan: Agile working, Disclosure Regulation and meat-free meals

ASI sustainable investment product analyst talks new jobs, new homes and going home for Christmas

It has been an astonishing year, one that none of us could ever have predicted and the remainder doesn’t look much more appealing with the festive season with our extended family and friends in jeopardy.

To lighten the mood, we wanted to find out from ESG investment professionals the achievements and lessons learned in 2020. We also asked how they will be making their festivities sustainable and their New Year’s resolutions to protect the planet and society.

We will be running this series in the lead-up to Christmas and hope you enjoy some light-hearted reading to get you in the festive spirit and also prompt you to think about your personal and professional sustainable goals for 2021.

In this article, we speak to Eilidh Duncan, sustainable investment product analyst at Aberdeen Standard Investments.

What are your biggest personal and professional achievements this year?

I bought my first flat in Edinburgh, which I am loving making my home. Professionally, I started a new job remotely at the beginning of lockdown and have enjoyed getting to know colleagues in a virtual setting.

In ESG, what has had the biggest impact this year?

Growing public awareness of the climate crisis and the disruption of Covid-19 have accelerated appetite for ESG and savers’ sustainability concerns. Covid-19 has exacerbated the need for sustainable business models that can withstand market shocks.

What is a major positive change that your business has introduced permanently as a result of the pandemic?

Agile working has always been available to us, however, as a result of the pandemic many of us have been solely working from home for a number of months. I’m looking forward to returning to agile working where we have the choice to either work in the office or from home.

How will you be having a sustainable festive period?

This festive season I will be buying all my presents from independent, local businesses and making sure my family and I source as much seasonal produce from local famers as possible. I have also started donating to the foodbank in the lead up to Christmas.

What is your go-to winter holiday routine and what’s your back-up plan for this year?

Typically, it is a big family get together, lots of board games and long winter walks. Christmas is one of my favourite times of year and I am hoping to share the holidays with friends and family.

What’s your sustainability New Year’s resolution?

I would like to eat more meat-free meals and potentially transition to becoming a full veggie.

What’s your big prediction for next year in the ESG space?

The Disclosure Regulation, set to take force in March 2021, and the EU Taxonomy regulation, under which investors are to disclose their alignment for financial year 2021, will both mean increased focus on ESG reporting in the near and long term.

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